Is NOAA studying river herring to death?

kevinhearnIf you’ve been following the (mis)management of river herring over the last few years, you may not even be surprised at the latest shenanigans of the NOAA fisheries officials: a delay tactic in the form of a “working group.” Read more here 10:57

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  1. JJ says:

    I have been following the river herring which aren’t actually managed because there is no directed fishery for them. If there was the herring would be far better off having for profit commercial protectors instead of douchebaggy lawyers like Roger Fleming who have no use for river herring except as a donation and lawsuit generating mechanism.
    The river herring in Southern New England are being used as a weapon to ban or severely restrict the pelagic trawling of about 9 fishing vessels who catch so few river herring their impact is negligible at best. It is far more likely the herring are being poisoned by the herbicides being used to clear their streams than that they are being caught far from shore by pelagic vessels.
    Who is making those herbicides anyway? Monsanto.

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