Who wants the disappearance of fishermen? The answers are here.

In recent months, worrying signs have multiplied indicating a desire, sometimes obvious, to make fishermen disappear or, very often, to marginalise them to make way for more lucrative activities in the Blue Economy.,, We are witnessing at sea, with the stranglehold of environmental NGOs on MPAs, the same phenomenon denounced by the historian Guillaume Blanc, in his book “Green Colonialism“: the grabbing of land in Africa, This is the case with the evolution of the marine world towards a “Blue colonialism” which is shamelessly displayed, multiplying MPAs prohibited to fishing, a subsistence and eminently sustainable practice of many oceanic peoples, and which, in Europe and elsewhere , only rarely involves small-scale fishermen in decisions about the oceans, of which they are nevertheless secular managers. >click to read< 07:52

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  1. Mary Howard says:

    Beware the license for recreational fishers that comes with Recreational Fishing Only Havens. Commercial Fishery lock outs and it doesn’t stop there, they then want a share of all open waters. Quota and share fisheries – AUSTRALIA ITS NOT FAIR.

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