West Coast Crab Strike is Over

Oregon crab fishermen Friday came to an agreement with processors, ending an 11-day strike over the cost companies will pay this season for their harvest. In December, processors — primarily Pacific Choice Seafood, the largest on the West Coast — agreed to $3 a pound, but on Dec. 26 backed off that price, offering $2.75. At that point, crab fishermen tied up their boats and refused to fish. This week’s negotiations resulted in a $2.875 price — right down the middle, said Brookings fisherman Bernie Lindley.  “Happy? I don’t know,” Lindley said of the final price. “In a successful negotiation, nobody’s happy and nobody’s pissed. For me, personally, I wish it would’ve been resolved more fairly for the fishermen, but we’re back to work, and so be it.”  Read the story here,  08:10

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