F/V Villa de Pitanxo: Fishing vessel arrives in St. Johns with three survivors and seven deceased crewmen

The F/V Playa de Menduíña II, in which three survivors and seven of the deceased of the F/V Villa de Pitanxo were traveling, docked at 11.30 a.m. on Saturday in the port of San Juan de Terranova (St John’s). On F/V Playa de Menduíña II traveled the survivors of the F/V Villa de Pitanxo, the skipper of the ship, Juan Padín; his nephew, Eduardo Rial Padín; and the young Ghanaian Samuel Kwesi. After carrying out the appropriate procedures, the three left the Vigo fishing boat after five o’clock in the afternoon, six hours after the arrival at the port. After going down to port, the three were taken to an area hospital for a medical check-up. >click to read< 17:31

The crew of the F/V Villa de Pitanxo, one by one: from Raúl, only 24 years old, to Francisco, of retirement age – Little by little, the identities of those who were on board the ship that sank in Newfoundland and their stories are becoming known. Most have young children and some, like Samuel, had not yet been able to meet their last baby. >click to read<

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