Fishers struggle as lobster ‘nearly as cheap as chocolate’

A dramatic collapse in export markets has flooded Australia with large quantities of cheap lobsters selling for as little as $35 a kilogram. At that price, fishers struggle to break even and processors are not getting enough orders to chew through the oversupply of fish, with one describing the price as “nearly as cheap as chocolate”. “I’m hearing fishermen struggling to maintain deckhands because they’re not earning enough money, fishermen talking about having to get a second job,” Mr Blake said. “It’s been very challenging.” Fishers used to sell lobsters into China for around $100 per kilogram but the industry has been locked out of that market since the outbreak of covid. >click to read< 08:04

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  1. Rod Burns says:

    Lobster Prices in Nova Scotia Canada have never been higher (CBC News report, April 11, 2022) in the area of 35$ Cnd / kg and higher

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