Despite war ban, Russian seafood could enter the US anyway

Fishing is big business in Russia, one closely linked to the Kremlin and President Vladimir Putin’s projection of power at sea. The country is one of the world’s top seafood producers and was the eighth-largest exporter to the United States last year, with more than $1.2bn worth of sales, the bulk of it king crab. But it is unknown exactly how much manages to land in the US by way of China, which sent another $1.7bn in fish to the US last year. Nor does the Biden administration’s ban require companies importing from China to find out. But the same species is also harvested in Russia in similar amounts, and once processed and imported from China, fills an important gap in the US market. In lieu of tracing the country of origin, US producers rely on the name recognition of Alaska pollock to signal where the fish was caught. >click to read< 17:31

One Response to Despite war ban, Russian seafood could enter the US anyway

  1. Joel H says:

    Who could ever have imagined that the Biden administration would screw this up? This administration is hell bent on destroying this nation. They have f#<&ed up virtually everything they have been involved with.
    God help us. Pray that we can endure these fools until they are replaced by an administration that will work on behalf of the American citizens. And who are the 33% of people who actually think these fools are doing a good job?
    We're surrounded by fools and idiots. The vast majority are residing in Washington.

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