Oregon: From the boat to the food truck

It’s a family affair for David and Amabelle Kimball, who own and operate Oregon Fishmongers, a food truck that serves Newport and Waldport. Their children, Gracie, 18, Sven, 17, and Jules, 13, help their parents on the truck, with Gracie taking orders and working the window while Sven and Jules help with cooking. “It’s a lot of fun,” Gracie said. “You can make your own hours and don’t have to work for the man. It’s great.” David worked as a chef for several years all over the country, so he has a background in the culinary field. The family boat, F/V Gracie Arlene, is a commercial vessel based out of Newport. He said opening the food truck was a logical step. >click to read< 17:49

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