Dutch farmers and fishermen block roads and port to protest new emissions rules

At the heart of the protest are targets introduced last month to halve harmful nitrogen compounds by 2030. It is the latest attempt to tackle a problem that has plagued the country for years. Dutch fishermen have joined farmers in protesting nitrogen emission targets. In Harlingen, they blocked the port with trawlers meaning ferries to the islands of Terschelling and Vlieland could not leave for hours. Shrimp fishermen in particular fear that they will run into problems due to the government’s emission targets. As of next year, they will need to apply for new fishing permits. Without the necessary adjustments to their trawlers, the permits could be withheld. It would mean they would no longer be allowed to do their jobs., Video, >click to read/watch< 16:51 An aside. Human sewage can introduce disease-causing pathogens and  into the ocean, potentially impacting human health as well as  and the communities that depend on them for such purposes as fishing. Interesting facts, and graphics. >click to read<

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