“Deadliest Catch” boat Aleutian Ballad gifts a memorial pot and record-setting donations to Metlakatla in honor of those lost at sea

The crew of the former Deadliest Catch vessel-turned-tour boat Aleutian Ballad knows that time on the water is often dangerous. That’s why each year, they give a “memorial pot” to one coastal community impacted by accidents at sea. This year, the crew dedicated the memorial pot to Metlakatla. They were inspired by a recent documentary about Alaska’s only Native reserve. David Lethin is one of the Ballad’s captains. He said that each year, his crew looks for communities that have seen hardships related to fishing. Lethin said that over the summer tour season, visitors onboard the Ballad scrawled memories about their time in Alaska on fish tags. >click to read< 09:59

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