South Bristol Fishermen’s Co-op Still Going Strong After 50 Years

The South Bristol Fishermen’s Co-op started in 1972 with 12 members who pooled their limited resources. Half a century later, the seafood hub now has 40-plus members and a dockside restaurant. Two of the current members, Lewis Kelsey and Thurlow “Sonny” Leeman, were part of the original group who risked their livelihoods in order to get a better deal for fishermen in the South Bristol area. “These guys that did it, they put their names on the line. They put their own personal assets up for collateral so that this could happen,” said South Bristol lobsterman and current co-op member Tim Alley during an interview with him, Kelsey, Leeman, Co-op President Chuck Plummer, and Co-op Manager Laura Hughes in December. >click to read< 08:45

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