Fishermen stand together in a show of solidarity against low prices

“We have solidarity among all groups,” said Kevin Abena of Kodiak, skipper of the F/V Big Blue and secretary and treasurer for the Kodiak Crab Alliance Cooperative (KCAC) which represents 121 permit holders. Attempts to reach local processors were unsuccessful. The cooperative is now securing tenders to take the local crab to Dutch Harbor and potentially King Cove. “It’s sad for the community that every bit of this crab could be walking out of town,” Abena said. “But we are not going fishing for $2.50 a pound.” The crabbers are not facing a time crunch. The Tanner crab fishery can remain open by regulation until March 1. “We decided the 16th to stand down until the 22nd. So the earliest we will go fishing is the 22nd at noon. We have an association meeting on Friday at 6pm. >click to read< 11:05

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