Why Are Island Scallopers Struggling To Sell Their Catch On Nantucket?

It’s the peak of Nantucket’s commercial scalloping season, but one of the island’s long-running scallopers, Bob DeCosta, isn’t on the water. And he’s not the only local fisherman whose dredges are dry these days.  “I’m not fishing because I have no place to sell them,” DeCosta said. “This is a new thing. It’s unfortunate because there’s still plenty of scallops out there to be caught.” Despite what fishermen have described as one of the best seasons in recent memory, DeCosta and some other island scallopers are struggling to sell their catch on Nantucket. There were already limited options on the island, and with the recent closure of Glidden’s Seafood for several months, a number of fishermen in the island’s fleet have been unable to find buyers for their scallops. >click to read< 09:53

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