Are NOAA scientists being silenced? By Jim Lovgren

Since the beginning of December there have been at least twelve strandings of whales along the New York and New Jersey shores, all resulting in the death of these animals. An abnormal amount of strandings have been reported in a few southern states as well during this time frame, exacerbating
what NOAA has declared as an unusual mortality event taking place on the East coast that started in 2016. These deaths include, Humpback, Minke, Fin, Sperm, Northern Right Whale, various Dolphins and more since 2016. Many of the Mammals stranded are endangered species, with the Northern Right Whale considered critically endangered having a population of less then 350 animals remaining, which is down from close to 500 only a decade ago. A curious coincidence among these particular marine mammals is that they are classified as Low frequency cetaceans, meaning that they communicate, navigate and feed using low frequency sound. Similar to the frequency most commonly used for sonar mapping or submarine detection by the Navy. >click to read the article< 16:02

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  1. Brick Wenzel says:

    I read that there is now less than 60 mature female right whales left and that the timespan between calffing has increased to as much as 7 years. The resent application by Orsted to take up to ten whales of each species is criminal intent to eradicate an endangered species. NO letters of authorization (LOA) to take endangered marine mammals should be granted to any of the industrial offshore wind energy development companies.

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