Salvors to Raise Trawler that Sank Following Deadly Collision off Jersey

The wreckage of the trawler L’Ecume II, which sank in Jersey waters on December 8, 2022 following a collision with a commercial cargo vessel, is to be raised for evidential and humanitarian reasons, the Jersey government confirmed via an official statement. The States of Jersey Police made the recommendation to raise the wreck as it may assist in both the forensic and overall investigation. The collision involving L’Ecume II and the Condor Ferries Ro-Ro Commodore Goodwill occurred at 05:30 local time on December 8. The trawler sank shortly afterwards with its crew of three still on board. Search and rescue/recovery teams pulled the bodies of Filipino crewmen Jervis Baligat and Larry Simyunn out of the water in the days following the sinking. No trace of Micheal Michieli, the boat’s captain, has yet been found. >click to read< 09:07

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