Future generations

I am the Son of James Everard and the nephew of the late Tom Best. I am a member of what once was the largest inshore fishing family in Petty Harbour known as the “Best Brothers” whom received bravery medals for risking their lives from the Order of Canada to save others who were in distress. Now it’s time we need your help to rebuild the inshore fishery here in Petty Harbour. All our licences are leaving the community to Large Boat fishing family’s because the rules in the professionalization program are designed to help them grow and in turn destroy us. >click to read< 18:07

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  1. Ryan Everard says:

    Just to be transparent and clear on my motives. My only goal is to cap our new boat at the 3 licences it’s allowed over the next 8 years so my kids have the same right as John and Jane Dos got in the larger fleet. I was forced out of the program in 2008 but I persevered and stayed fishing anyway and now I am a certified Fishing Master that paid for it out of my own pocket rather than depending on government funding to do it. That don’t make me less of a Professional Fish Harvester or less of a Fishing Master. If my kids can play on the same Junior hockey team as theirs they are going to have the same right to hold a career outside the fishery and fish our families boat and carry on our family’s legacy as their kids will have and they won’t have to be controlled by a merchant. They will be independently owned just like me and they will control the merchants that held our family captive since John Cabot. These people in the large boats that are buying all of the inshore licenses from my family are great people to and they build their family and the offshore just like we should be allowed to do with the inshore. They are just taking advantage of low hanging fruit and buying our licences to expand their own enterprises based on rules that a handful chose to design in their favour. The licence that cost them 500k cash is costing the poor kid that come from nothing and persevered for 5 years to get their level 2 double that with financing and interest and to top it off they have to depend on a processor to help them with it because they are being made to become unemployed so no regular financial institution will look at them. I grew up helping the underdog and facing the Bully so they don’t scare me today either. When the Bully beats the underdog it’s expected but when the underdog beats the bully they stop being a Bully. They only answer to not continuing to be controlled Is to get out of the abusive relationship because living on False promises don’t stop the abuse.

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