The Lobsta Run: United chemistry teacher runs lobster transport business

Matt Grata will soon head out on another one of his “lobsta runs” from his Vinco home to Maine’s ocean coast. It will be a combination of business and pleasure for the entrepreneur. He makes the trip a few times every year, hauling back fresh, live lobsters in a refrigerated truck to fulfill pre-orders placed through his company, The Lobsta Run, which is a play on a New England accent. “I’m going to pat myself of the back a little bit,” Grata said during a recent interview at his house. “I’m a teacher by nature. That’s what I do. That’s my profession. I think most people want to learn stuff that they don’t know. Most people don’t like to not know stuff, no matter what it is. And if it’s something that they’re interested in, like their fresh, live lobster, they ask me a thousand questions. They want to know. “The word ‘neat’ I hear that a lot. ‘This is so neat.’ ‘This is so cool.’ Photos, >click to read< 11:09

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