The fishing schooner Mina Swim and crew of 21 never seen again after leaving Burin a century ago

It was a tragedy that left families devastated, and changed Burin forever, but the sinking of the Mina Swim might have been forgotten if not for the work of local residents determined to keep the memory alive. On Tuesday, Burin will mark the 100th anniversary of that tragedy. The fishing schooner Mina Swim left Burin on the afternoon of Feb. 7, 1917, with a crew of 21 on board. It was bound for fishing grounds on the southwest coast of Newfoundland.  It was never seen or heard from again. “Back in 1917, the community wouldn’t have been that big, then you have twenty-one of your men taken away in one tragedy,” said Howard Lundrigan, who lost a cousin in the sinking. Eighteen widows and 57 children were left without husbands and fathers. Read the story here 12:27

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