Gloomy in Looe as fishermen reflect on Labour coup

Richard Chapman mends his nets in a gloomy Looe harbour and considers whether his new MP will bring Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer’s promised “sunlight of hope”. South East Cornwall’s long-standing Conservative MP Sheryll Murray has been ousted by Labour’s Anna Gelderd – a constituency first. The clouds break but Mr Chapman barely glances up from his task as he reflects on an industry he believes has been overlooked. “I voted Conservative, it seemed the lesser of two evils. I’ve no clue what Labour’s policy is on fishing but every government so far has been a letdown,” he says. “You look around the port, it’s dying,” Mr Chapman adds. “When I started from school there were 50 boats – crabbing netters, handline mackerel boats, trawlers. “There are just six trawlers left. Photos, more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 11:38

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