Tarzan, the last sponge-fishing sailboat, on its way to a long restoration

The Tarzan, an old traditional Mediterranean rig and the last to have fished sponges under sail, is heading for Narbonne to be restored to her original condition. The Association des Amis du Tarzan tells us more about its history and the upcoming restoration program. The Tarzan adventure began in 1950 in Sfax, Tunisia, at the Manno shipyard. This motorized schooner, built for the Marinello brothers of Sicilian origin, had an oak hull and an auric rig. Measuring 33 meters long overall, with only 21 meters of hull and a further 12 meters for the spars, 5.20 meters wide and between 38 and 40 tons displacement, she was initially designed for sponge-fishing under sail Lots of links, and photos, more. >>click to read<< 12:05

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