Crab Fishermen on Strike

Commercial Dungeness crab season is allowed locally as of midnight on January 5th. However, we are seeing no crab gear in the water.  Local Dungeness crab fishermen are holding out for better pay after they say they’ve been offered an unacceptable amount per pound. The buyers are not offering a price that we’re okay with,” says Jake McMaster, Captain of the Fishing Vessel Captain Banjo.  “They offered $3. We countered with $3.50 on the 1st of January, and we have not had a response to that price negotiation.” McMasters says they were getting this price over a decade ago, “$3 a pound– 2012, 2013, ten years ago. Meanwhile, Dungeness crab fishermen in Oregon are getting more than $3 a pound for their crabs. more, >>click to read<< 06:46

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  1. Capt Wagga says:

    You Know..whatever the price of crab is…the retail price is utterly discussting to the fisherman who br

    ave the deep blue unpredictable waters.

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