Admirers of nautical icon Anna hope to prevent her final bow

The Anna, a nautical icon beloved by its legion of fans, is on rocky ground after the owner of the 30-foot Block Island trawler expressed some interest in selling the boat, or at least parts of her.In early December, Ronald J. Trottier, owner of Anchor Marina, 583 E. Broadway St., where Anna has been “on the hard” for about two decades, tasked Marcie Travers-Barth with selling Anna. Tavers-Barth owns The Coal Docks Restaurant & Bar, across the street from the marina. The restaurant building itself is owned by Trottier, who is not involved in the establishment’s business or management. “The owner has asked that I put it up for sale and handle all offers,” 14 photos, more, >>click to read<< 09:45

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