Fishing smarter, not harder

Whitelink seafood’s scallop dredger Eternal Light FR-35 reports some successful fishing in new areas, thanks to seabed details revealed by their Turbowin 3D plotter. ‘We took a hundred bags of scallops off a small uncharted ridge yesterday,’ said skipper Ian Taylor. The banks, ridges, reefs and gullies revealed by Turbowin 3D have meant that working techniques have been adapted to fish them in a precise, targeted fashion and users are clearly reaping benefits,’ according to Calum West at Seafield Navigation. ‘This means increased catches for the same effort and allowing new areas to be worked safely. Features that are only one metre high jump out at you, which aren’t included in navigation charts or any of the competitors’ 3D systems.’ a 3D image, more, >>click to read<< 13:40

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