Keyport to take over crab quota after King Cove closure

Edmonds-based Keyport LLC, a processor and supplier of wholesale wild-caught crab and frozen seafood, announced today, Jan. 29, that it will take over the crab quota left stranded after Peter Pan Seafood Co. recently decided to close its King Cove Alaska processing facility for the season. The closure in the middle of the season has left numerous crab harvesters with no alternative for delivering their catch. According to Keyport, its move to secure the quota “sends a lifeline to the Alaska crab fisheries and brings a stabilizing force to an industry amid turbulence.” Keyport will manage the processing quota previously slated for King Cove for the Western Bering Sea Tanner crab fishery (WBT) and the Eastern Bering Sea Tanner crab fishery (EBT), expanding Keyport’s 2024 processing portfolio, which includes Alaska Red King crab, Golden King crab, and Bairdi. more, >>click to read<< 11:24

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