Sixteen Mainers Win a Chance to Enter Lucrative Elver Fishery

The Maine Department of Marine Resources has awarded the right to apply for an elver license to sixteen Mainers who were among more than 4,500 who entered a license lottery held by the department. Maine’s elver fishery continues to be one of Maine’s most lucrative, with a per pound value of $2,009 last year, which generated more than $19 million for fishermen. As was the case in 2022, each new license holder will receive four pounds of quota, which is made available from individual quota associated with licenses that were not renewed. They will each be authorized to choose either a dip net or a fyke net for harvesting. The lottery winners are,,, The Department has notified the winners, who have thirty days to apply for a license. This year’s elver season begins at noon on March 22 and goes until noon on June 7. more, >>click to read<< 15:41

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