Maine and Canadian Lobster Industries Seek to Balance Competition and Cooperation – What about Collaboration?!!!

“The biggest, two-clawed lobster resource in the world – we’ve got an amazing opportunity together to market,” said Geoff Irvine, who runs the Lobster Council of Canada.  Irvine quickly revised that idea:  “maybe not together, but at least be mindful of how we’re both marketing.” Irvine’s marketing counterpart from Maine, Marianne Lacroix, sat listening a few feet away. When it was her turn, Lacroix, who heads the Maine Lobster Promotion Council, chose her words carefully. “There’s no benefit, from a branding standpoint, in pitting Maine against Canadian lobster because it doesn’t benefit either of us in the end,” she said. “The products are very intertwined. The businesses are very intertwined.” @mpbn

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