Bristol Bay Fishermen Cautiously Optimistic About 2024 Season Citing Higher Prices, New Processor

This season, the Bristol Bay 2024 sockeye salmon forecast estimates a total run of 39 million fish. That’s 35% smaller than the most recent 10-year average run size, and a drop from last season’s 54.5 million fish run. This weekend in Dillingham, the boatyard and harbor were noticeably quieter, with some discussion of crews holding off on big renovations and putting boats in the water later, to help cut costs and recover from last season’s low prices. But despite the lower forecast and market uncertainty, crews seem cautiously optimistic headed into the new season.  Meghan Gervais, a long time captain of the F/V Maru takes a break from boat repairs to get out the grill. Gervais talks about her hopes for the coming season as she turns over a leg of lamb on the grill for family dinner, who is crewing with her this year. She’s been working on boats in Bristol Bay since 2006. “I feel cautiously optimistic,” Gervais said. Photos, more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 13:33

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