Headed for the Slammer! – Carlos Rafael sentenced to 46 months in prison

Judge William Young sentenced Carlos Rafael to a 46-month prison term, but he held off on a decision regarding the forfeiture of any permits or vessels. Rafael also received three years supervised release. His attorney William Kettlewell requested the sentence be served at Fort Devens. Rafael will have credit for the time he spent in jail earlier in his life, which equated to about nine days. He’ll also pay a $200,000 fine. click here to read the story 17:08 There will be updates to this story

Codfather gets nearly 4 yearsclick here to read the story 18:05

One Response to Headed for the Slammer! – Carlos Rafael sentenced to 46 months in prison

  1. James Catfish says:

    The “maggot” got off easy.. the courts/ Garfo are showing crime pays..4 years jail time.. where at a country club.. send him to Rikers Island.. one must remember he is only being sentenced on what they caught him admitting to.. Imagine the pompous ass hung himself.. only fitting!! 40 years of crime and this is all he gets.. what about the Auction? Doesn’t carlos son in law run the dock? Didnt they aide and abet his crimes.. what next, they will buy his boats and permits..of course, The crimes will continue!!!!
    What a slap in the face to industry.. let me guess,Garfo keeps the small fine. $200,000, what a joke..The amount of fish He was (caught)stealing was worth several millions of dollars. The amount he got away with was at least 10 fold that. .Hit him where it means the most.. his wallet.. boats, permits and millions of dollars.. make an example of the “SON OF A BITCH”. Letting a dealer/friend, /” business associate” , buy the assets is an even bigger joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Maybe the IRS will get it right.

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