Police seize 3,000 pounds of illegal haddock from New Bedford seafood plant

Massachusetts Environmental Police seized more than 3,000 pounds of illegally harvested haddock from a New Bedford processing plant on Thursday in the first commercial scale bust of the groundfish season, MEP officials said. MEP said it is not releasing the name of the vessel that caught the illegal fish or the processing plant until charges are formally filed. But industry sources confirmed Monday that the illegal fish was caught by the F/V Fisherman, an 82-foot trawler based out of New Bedford and owned by M & P Fishing Corp. Business filings list Mario Ribeiro and Pedro Cura as owners of the company. The name of the captain was not released. Col. Moran said the illegal fish was offloaded late Wednesday night at BASE Seafood Auction, after which it was sold to the unnamed processing plant. photos, more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 18:47

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