Former Lobsterman Thrives With Own Biz, G & C Marine Services

G & C Marine Services Inc., a full-service marine construction company located in Norwalk, Conn., is run by company founder Gary Wetmore and his son, Charlie, who have been in the business for approximately 20 years. In addition to the marine construction side of the business, which includes pile driving, masonry, maintenance and repair, dock building/carpentry and marine salvage, the company also owns a few small commercial fishing vessels targeting a few small commercial fishing vessels such as black sea bass. “Our marine service company has been very successful and that’s quite fortunate for me because it supports my fishing habit,” Gary said with a smile. Years ago, Gary was a lobsterman, however as water temperatures increased, the lobster population migrated north, leaving Gary looking for alternatives to support himself. He took a job working for a marine contractor in the Norwalk area. Photos, more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 15:18

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