Copper River/PWS catch exceeds 1M salmon 

Commercial salmon harvests for the Copper River and the rest of Prince William Sound have now exceeded one million fish, including an estimated 959,946 sockeyes, in a season where retail prices continue to vary from $37.95 to $12.99 a pound. As more commercial fisheries opened statewide, Copper River, Bering River and Coghill district harvesters embarked June 24 on 36-hour commercial drift gillnet openers, and the Eshamy district began a 24-hour fishery. Commercial harvesters in the Unakwik, Montague and Southwestern districts were also fishing. As of late Monday, June 24, the salmon harvest in Prince William Sound stood at 973,000 sockeyes, 549,000 chum, 6,000 Chinook, and 1,000 pinks. Cook Inlet anglers had 42,000 sockeyes, and Bristol Bay districts — which are just getting started — had delivered 228,000 reds, bringing the Central Region total to 1.8 million fish, including 1.2 million sockeyes, 549,000 chum, 6,000 Chinooks, and 1,000 humpies. more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 19:12

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