Low shrimp prices are hurting local fisherman who blame imports

Local shrimpers are seeing some of the lowest shrimp prices in history, and most blame imported shrimp. Jimmie Dupré has been shrimping for 61 years. He says he plans to retire soon because the industry is taking a turn for the worst. He says, “We can’t get good prices and they drop every time they have an open season, they drop the prices. They claim it’s on the imports. Now, who imports the shrimp? The processors import the shrimp. And they keep saying well it imports if it’s the import shrimp stop importing the damn thing.” There’s been talk of shrimpers going on strike if prices don’t increase but Dupré says that won’t fix the problem. >click to read<09:35

3 Responses to Low shrimp prices are hurting local fisherman who blame imports

  1. Buddy says:

    Strange that the pnly price drop is to the shrimpers never the middle man or retailer..

  2. Smitty says:

    Trump should put tariffs on imports. It won’t happen, he ain’t in the fishing business and he don’t care.

  3. Milt Clapp says:

    Sooner or later the small comm guys are going to have to band together along the NC coast and set their own quotas and prices on all fin fish, shrimp ,crabs, clams and oysters by forming a united sales and processing facility that they control and each member has ownership in! Then and only then will they break the hold that the multimillion dollar processors now have on the mid Atlantic market! Failure to do so eventually will result in the elimination of the small to medium commercial harvester within the next decade as large corps more and more control the resources!!!

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