Bristol Bay Fisheries Report: July 4, 2024

The baywide catch yesterday topped a million for the first time this season, with a haul of 1.6 million fish. Messages to the Fleet – Shout out to Rylan Burnett on his 17th birthday: we love you and miss you! From mom and dad, that’s Wendy, Ryan, and Paul. A very happy birthday to Rylan Bernett, sending lots of love -from Grandma. Happy birthday to Virgil, and happy 4th of July to the whole family. From Christine, Julie, and Smokie. Happy Birthday to Virgil Delkittie Jr. From your sister. Happy 4th of July to Mary Delkittie, and goodluck fishing. From your daughter. more, The Numbers. The baywide catch on Wednesday topped a million yesterday for the first time this season. Yesterday’s catch was 1,624,889 fish, bringing the total season catch to 6,950,483., more, >>CLICK TO READ 20:19

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