Baker | Alaska seafood: we could learn a thing or three

It’s always been a common way of doing business in eastern Canadian fisheries. When markets take downturns and prices dip, the answer is simple: catch more fish…But what if we did have an option? What if we actually had coordinated marketing for our seafood so that we could drive demand, instead of just increasing supply every time we hit a bump in the road? Seems like it’s working out fine for Alaska. [email protected] 09:22

As an avid listener to the Fisheries Broadcast, I find disappointment that the website’s podcast archives have become incomplete since Jamie Baker became the host. There are a number of missing podcasts that I would have linked to, because they have bearing on New England’s groundfish issues. The basis for Baker’s article today was a discussion with an ASMI representative that would have been linked earlier in the week, and relinked to this post so you could listen to the conversation. I have communicated my concerns. BH

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