Deadliest Catch Comes to Oregon

119394.564.01.197_20160725_111736Deadliest Catch has been a mainstay of the Discovery Channel for over ten years. It shows the working conditions of crabbers in the North Pacific who fish for king crab and snow crab out of ports like Dutch Harbor and St. Paul. Now the show is coming to the Pacific Northwest. Discovery Channel is now launching a spinoff titled Deadliest Catch – Dungeon Cove. It’s based in Newport, Oregon and it will follow the commercial dungeness crab fishery (even though there is no Dungeon Cove). There has been discussion in the past few years or so about just how deadly is the “Deadliest Catch,” and perhaps this debate was the reasoning behind this spinoff. The Northwest dungeness commercial- crab fishery, however, is still seeing high rates of injury and death compared to other fisheries in the United States. The Northwest coast is particularly rough, and dungeness crab are commercially fished in the winter (similar to Alaska commercial crab seasons) when the weather is at its worst. Read the story here 13:03

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