New England: The Center For Sustainable Fisheries About To Launch

A new organization, committed to finding ways to help solve the crisis in New England’s Commercial Fishing Industry, is about ready to begin its work. The principals behind the Center for Sustainable Fsheries (sic) plan a formal “launch” later this month.  They include noted marine scientist Dr. Brian Rothschild, former Mass. Congressman Barney Frank and former New Bedford Mayor Scott Lang.  They’ll be joined by numerous scientists and industry leaders from throughout the region. [email protected]  Link to the Center for Sustainable Fisheries website  17:55

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  1. Dick Grachek says:

    Dr. Rothschild and Mayor Lang will be doing “roll out” meetings up and down the coast over the next few months. The next one scheduled is in Narragansett RI at 55 State Street on Oct.17 at 2pm. Then on to Stonington CT and Montauk NY and Pt Pleasant NJ…and beyond. Please stay tuned to website for details on upcoming meetings.

    Everyone in the fishing industry needs to pay attention and get involved. We have plenty of fish and some of the most dedicated fishermen in the world; and no one cares more about the sustainability of this resource and the survival of the fishing community than the fishermen. It’s time to tie her up for an afternoon Boys, and come and listen to what Brian and Scott have to say when they give a talk at your port. They’ve been fighting for the fishermen for many years and we can no longer afford to “…leave it to the people that go to those meetings”. It time to show up before there’s nothing left. See you there!

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