Beleaguered Mar-Lees signs lease on New York plant to produce meals on plates – Deal makers dropping like fly’s!

Michael Strange, who joined Mar-Lees as vice president of product development, has a photo on his Linkedin page of “plated entrees with ‘Skin Pak’ technology”, which other sources confirmed is the product. Mar-Lees also states on its website it now offers “hand-crafted meal plates”. Strange joined Mar-Lees in May, brought on board by former vice president of sales, Steve McDonnell. “Steve Mac [McDonnell] brought them [Mar-Lees] that business,” one source told Undercurrent. McDonnell, who could not be reached for comment, was then let go by Mar-Lees for reasons the company has not clarified. Rick Marino, former VP of business development, was leading the sales drive on the product, sources told Undercurrent.Marino has also been let go, for reasons not clarified by Mar-Lees. [email protected] 21:01

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