Baker | The double standard of natural resources

Imagine for a moment if France moved in and started mining ore on the Southern Shore, based on their previous settlement history. Or if England moved in and started harvesting timber in central Newfoundland, citing the previous colonial government as giving them the right to do so. Or if the Scandinavians (formerly Vikings) started drilling and extracting oil in St. Anthony because they used to live there. I wonder how everyone would react to that? Call me a sensationalist, but I would suggest it would be torch and pitchfork time, heads would roll, and Rome would be razed to the ground in a campaign of Newfoundland nationalism the likes of which we have never seen. So please tell me how it is that when exactly that same thing happens with fish, nobody gives a fiddler’s you-know-what? Yes, that’s a rhetorical question; so no need to be pointing it out. more@cbcnews  08:27

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