Escambia and Santa Rosa counties get more BP oil money

untitledbp deathA week ago, the two-county area got a dose of good news about our continued recovery from the BP oil spill. That kind of news is always worth sharing and discussing. BP continues to deliver on its promise to make whole the Gulf of Mexico and the affected states from the 2010 oil spill that fouled the water, smeared the shoreline and crippled the economy, especially tourism that year and in 2011. [email protected] 12:01

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    Nothing should me taken lightly with this BP Spill. The majority of the Spill still lays beneath the Ocean after Dr. Lubcenco allowed the use of “COREXIT” causing the Crude to sink . This makes her “THE MOST DANGEROUS WOMAN ON THE PLANET”. If they can pump Crude from that depth they can clean up the rest. This accident will prove to be more LETHAL then AGENT ORANGE.
    In addition the Areas that they dumped the so called clean up should be investigated fully.

    The U.S. Government, State, Local, and Individuals should grab BP by the BALLS and SUE, SUE, SUE…

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