More massive tar mats from BP oil spill discovered on Louisiana beaches

“I’ve been told by the ocean experts this stuff could hang out there on the bottom of the Gulf for more than 100 years. And as long as it’s out there, it can come ashore,” said Robert Barham, Secretary of the state Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, in 2010. “We might not see big black waves, but we may be seeing a smaller, but serious problem, for years and years to come.” The accuracy of that prediction is visible once again on the Lafourche Parish beach between Elmer’s Island and Port Fourchon, where a line of mud haulers waits to collect BP oil being unearthed by giant excavators digging just yards from the Gulf waves. READ [email protected]  19:27

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    As I said in another Article the total Fallout of the BP Gulf Spill may not be known for Decades or even Centuries. Crude floats and has a high level of Benzene which is Highly Toxic to all Life forms. Crew members on Tankers are continually tested for Benzene poisoning.
    When you add “COREXIT” which has Benzene and Arsine and even more Lethal combination you have a CATASTROPHIC situation. Corexit is called a dispersant meant to break up the Crude. The true fact is it actually joins with the Crude and makes it sink in Globs. The Magical clean up was accomplished by then NOAA Head Dr, Jane Lubchenco allowing BP to use “COREXIT”. So this Planet killing event was covered up by sinking the mess. Out of Sight out of MIND!!!
    Run as many BP feel good Tv Ads as you want, The Poison is still out there and Dr. Lubchenco is hiding in Oregon.
    Shame Jane

    P.S. We’re from the Government and we’re here to help you. Remember Dr. Lubchenco “The most DANGEROUS Woman on the PLANET”.

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