41 humpback whale deaths in Atlantic force fed probe

An unusually high number of dead humpback whales washing ashore along the Atlantic coast has prompted marine mammal experts to open a federal investigation of the cause. But the cause may never be fully determined, according to experts. Since January 2016, 41 of the mammals have washed ashore from North Carolina to Maine. The only cause of death determined so far are cases in which the whales showed signs of being hit by a vessel. But ship strikes only account for a quarter of the deaths. The high number of deaths forced the country’s top marine agency, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, to declare an “Unusual Mortality Event,” prompting the federal probe. click here to read the story 19:57

4 Responses to 41 humpback whale deaths in Atlantic force fed probe

  1. Joel Hovanesian says:

    Save the money on the research into figuring out how they died. I’m sure the NMFS will determine that the draggers killed them. Why not, we get blamed for everything else.

    • Borehead says:

      Every time I read a whale story, I think of the fixed gear guys. The noaa will go full whale savior, and Hell! There’s no one else to control through regulation unless every boat, can be tracked, and electronic spread speeding tickets, when the noaa say’s its time to slow down because of potential whale strikes. Don’t forget the noise issue that has been evolving in whale discussions. Whales in the news is not a good harbinger of things to come. Regulatory speaking, that is.

      • Nathan Jensen says:

        Noaa tried to say our tiny crab pots in Oregon were killing grey whales a few years back , their so silly

        • Nathan Jensen says:

          Not the crazy shit the navy is doing in our coastal waters , subsonic testing is whats killing the whales and dolphins

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