Homage to the late Richard Gaines – Letter: Don’t forget Gaines’ push for fishing justice – Paul Cohan

130610_GT_OUT_RICHARDWhile everyone’s talking about disbursement, and congratulating elected and non-elected representatives upon the news of the federal fishing aid package, it has occurred to me that there is no individual who deserves more credit for this and many other minor victories than the late Richard Gaines.  Without his dogged, investigative, reporting and well-seasoned and honed intuition, the few positive accomplishments, this one certainly included, which we have experienced over the past few years, would not have been possible. Read [email protected]  07:53

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  1. - Moderator says:

    Thank you, Paul, for reminding us of the catalyst Richard was in these issues.
    If not for Richard,,,,,


      The Fisheries lost a true friend when Richard passed. God Bless him and his Family and Friends. Richard was our Champion and soul Voice in the Media World. While others were bought off or scared off Richard stood tall for us. His written words revealed the plight and injustice the Fisheries have seen here in the Northeast. Rest in Peace Richard and may Karma catch up with those that conspired against us.

  2. Dick Grachek says:

    Rich Gaines was, is, and will be, an inspiration for us all. “Keep on keepin’ on”

    Thanks Paul

  3. Well said Stripedbasshole. Richard Gaines was just one man who continuously exposed the rogue operators at NOAA and NMFS, federal agencies whose fishermen-cleansing policies have wrecked havoc and great hardship upon the fishing industry. For now, we gather to remember and say a pray of thanks to Richard Gaines…then we get to the issues at hand to continue to as you said, fight “the injustices” being committed against fishermen by our own government in Washington.

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