After record lows, herring stock is now healthier, living longer

nefmc logoAfter years of lobbying and litigation by local fishermen and environmental groups, the fisheries service and the New England Fishery Management Council are considering regulations to make sure the offshore herring fleet isn’t also catching river herring, but the majority of their runs remain dammed or neglected. A 2001-2002 survey looked at 215 Massachusetts coastal waterways and found 380 blockages, including dams, that kept fish from spawning grounds. The same survey found that almost half the 175 structures intended to get fish past dams were not functioning. Read more here  09:13

One Response to After record lows, herring stock is now healthier, living longer

  1. jj says:

    The self appointed saviors of the poor river herring are just a bunch of douchebags that are so interested in using the fish as a weapon against the much diminished midwater herring boats (There is only 8 -10 left with 4 or 5 actually fishing the whole season) that they really are dis-incentivized to do anything to help the river herring succeed.
    A study of the PEW charitable trusts interference into the welfare of any species they are using to dis-enfranchise the group of resource users they are targetting would not show any positive results from their activities. Sadly their, “Assistance,” and that of their donation recipients (Sell out fishing groups or other ENGO’s in need of cash) never helps anyone but the liars, lawyers, and media hypes that make their living bashing, slandering, and dis-enfranchising hard working Americans (and in the future people of other nationalities)

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