Somethin’ just ain’t right! Fisheries institute revamp removes Rothschild

DARTMOUTH — A revamp of the Massachusetts Marine Fisheries Institute will mean that acclaimed marine scientist Dr. Brian Rothschild at UMass Dartmouth will be out as co-director after 10 years. UMass Dartmouth Chancellor Divina Grossman on Wednesday announced the changes, which were proposed by the UMass President’s Office. It will consolidate the institute at the UMass School for Marine Science and Technology in New Bedford. It is now part of the president’s office…..The new arrangement would place the SMAST dean, Dr. Steve Lohrenz, as co-director along with Paul Diodati from Marine Fisheries. Lohrenz will be the conduit between the state and the UMass campuses.

Rothschild would be out, and that has some of his colleagues angry.

“I don’t understand the argument,” said Dr. Dan Georgianna, a professor of economics who has worked closely with Rothschild at UMass Dartmouth. “The MFI has published 200 review publications. The MFI has been very successful in the scallop fishery and in groundfish. It’s been very successful.” Now, “the person who caused the success is being replaced. I think it’s going to result in a decline in fisheries science. It’s going to affect the fishing community. Brian’s got a zillion awards.”…….  When contacted, Rothschild said he would not comment for now.

Rothschild has been especially high-profile in public in recent years. He serves as chairman of the mayor’s Fishery Advisory Council, and was deeply involved in the fight against the switch to catch shares and sector management in the Northeast fishery.

He has also been highly critical of government-sponsored fishery research methods.

He has published five books and more than 100 papers and has affiliations with researchers at institutions around the world.

In addition, he has been suggested as a replacement for outgoing NOAA administrator Dr. Jane Lubchenco.

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  1. borehead - Moderator says:

    Something smells kinda shitty!
    EDF is now involved with SMAST.
    NOAA took the scallop survey away, and now the guy that brought the scallop industry back with his efforts is getting the hook!
    I did comment at the GDT it was time for fishermen to start forcing policy in their favor, and with Dr Jane being relieved of her mayhem, I suggestef Rothschild as a worthy replacement.
    I also noticed today the copy cat at NF made a similar comment after reading it and posted the idea on his fancy copy cat corporate bought and paid for website.
    Cuddy picked it up somewhere between here ‘n there, and posted it.
    Brian Rothschild is a natural for leading NOAA.
    He was involved from the beginning days of NMFS with fishery issues.

  2. Anonymous says:

    DickGrachek”… it lacked an oversight board, a budget and annual reports and it wasn’t coordinated well enough to solicit research grants from industry, government and other institutions, said university spokesman John Hoey.”

    Oh Really? After ten successful years this Marine Fisheries Institute now isn’t coordinated well enough to get research grants? Grants coming from industry, government, and OTHER INSTITUTIONS. Now who might they be? Could it be Pew or perhaps EDF or the Dept. of the Interior?

    Brian Rothschild has forgotten more about fisheries science than entire science departments at government and “other institutions” will ever know. He has used integrity and common sense in his work(rare commodities in the circus of fisheries science) and has benefited and kept this vital fishing industry from the clutches of the ignorant faux science of self-serving bureaucrats and corrupt plutocracy-spawned NGO’s.

    So as the nuisance local fishing industry is systematically dismantled to make way for the energy industry’s march into the sea, it is no surprise that one of the fishing industry’s most enlightened intellectuals would be removed and the Institute that he brought to prominence revamped.

    • borehead - Moderator says:

      SMAST plans independent groundfish survey to assist groundfishermen By DON CUDDY

      DARTMOUTH — Frustrated by doubts surrounding the accuracy of fish stock assessments conducted by NOAA and with the groundfish industry in crisis, UMass Dartmouth’s School for Marine Science and Technology plans to launch an independent survey of groundfish stocks. “(NOAA Fisheries) is saying they don’t have time to review the assessments that are on the table,” said SMAST professor Brian Rothschild. “But this is really high stakes and we need to do something before May 1.” The new fishing year, with cuts of 50-70 percent projected for key stocks, begins May 1. Such drastic cuts threaten to force many independent fishermen out of business.

      Recognition abounds for UMass professor Brian Rothschild By DON CUDDY – HEAR! HEAR!
      NEW BEDFORD — Accolades are piling up for UMass Dartmouth professor and renowned marine scientist Brian Rothschild. This month, National Fisherman magazine announced it was giving Rothschild, 78, its Highliner Achievement Award for a lifetime of service to the fishing industry. Rothschild is one of four honorees from around the nation to be recognized the by the magazine of record for the commercial fishing industry. “These are the people who bring hope to their fishing communities,” National Fisherman editor Jessica Hathaway wrote in the November issue. “Their work sheds light on the way things can and should be done in the fishing industry.”

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