Salty Dames – Women in Fishing

Google “women” and “fishing” and up will pop lots of calendar images of smiling ladies in bikinis, cradling impressive marine specimens they probably didn’t catch. But women have long been part of the seafood industry around the world: mending nets, landing fish, stocking aquaculture ponds, harvesting shellfish, working in markets and processing plants, running seafood companies, Read more here 16:31

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  1. jmknbsc . says:

    OK, here we go again. This was a good article Jen, but most fishermen (men & women) generally dislike being referred to as fishers! I think that if you ask the ladies what they’d prefer to be called, I think that you would find that most do prefer “fisherman”, & why not as they work just as hard & long as “males” do, so no differentiation is needed! But, to most everyone, they dislike being called a “fisher”.

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