Here’a a PEW/ Oceana Puff Piece! – The Bait and Switch of Seafood Fraud, Yes. Bait and Switch!!

That red snapper you bought at the market: Is it actually rockfish? How about the pricey local halibut you ordered for dinner: Is it really a cheap, farm-raised whitefish from Asia? What about the tuna at your favorite sushi joint — really yellowfin, as labeled, or is it bigeye with dangerous amounts of mercury? And just how “fresh” can spiny lobster be when it’s sold in July, far after the season has ended? To answer such buyer-beware questions, an ocean conservation group (?) backed by celebrities but reviled among fishermen published a study last year on “seafood fraud” in the United States. Read more here, if you can stand it. 11:24

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