New study translated: public servants are more likely to become eco-activists

kevinhearn“Some people are born with a higher intrinsic need to serve the public,” said study co-author Robert K. Christensen, an associate professor in the School of Public and International Affairs. “They have a desire to help others and serve society. Government and nonprofit managers, for example, typically have higher levels of public service motivation than business managers.” Read the rest here 08:29

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  1. StripedBassHole says:

    Interesting Article, I read through the Blog also. Government Civil Servants and there connection to Green Non-Profits or as I call them the new “Cottage Industry”. The Government is restrained from competing with Private Businesses. Couldn’t this be construed as an obstruction to Private Business. So indirectly they are restraining the ability of such Businesses in their operation. In this light I would say that obstruction could be seen as a form of competion, at least that would be my view.
    Too bad they didn’t bring up “The Obama Ocean Policy” and the fact that this Executive Order has taken control of a large portion of all AMERICANS COMMON PROPERTY in order to grid it off and PRIVATIZE them for the use of Large CORPORATIONS. These Areas will give control of a GRID. The Grid will encompass the WATER what is beneath it and the Air Space above it. Again I must stress this was our COMMON PROPERTY and it includes the WATER a necessary RESOURCE to all forms of LIFE. The potential of POLLUTION of such is REAL. It’s time for all AMERICANS to “WAKE UP!!!”. Should the “Law of the Seas Treaty ” be brought into the equation we will lose are SOVERIEGNTY of these AREAS which incorporate not only the OCEANS, but LAKES, RIVERS, WATER SHED, and other WATER related areas inland. Again we are talking about life sustaining “WATER”.

    • borehead says:

      They certainly do stand in the way.
      We’ve talked about this from time to time, as Fred Krupp said work the system from the inside.
      We know it is affective.
      I didn’t know it, but there are over 25,000 enviro groups in this country alone. Its not a cottage industry, its big business.

      • StripedBassHole says:

        I see your point. The lure of easy readily available funds from the Government, Pew, EDF, etc… really draws new small Organizations out of the Woodwork. Like you say 25,000. How many are Husband and Wife or Dream Teams. The Skies the LIMIT unless your over a Corporate Grid,

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