Sign of the times? No. Government Ineptitude. New Hampshire Fishing fleet up for sale

NOAA Scientist What fishermen are reporting is that “there are cod all over,”  But what fishermen see is not given credence by federal regulators, Goethel said, so yesterday he participated in a research catch in the Gulf of Maine conducted by Dr. Lisa Kerr of the Gulf of Maine Research Institute. “We did a research project that allotted seven days to catch 50 codfish, because the regulators said there’s no cod out there,” Goethel said. “I caught 2,500 pounds of cod in an hour. It’s very frustrating for fishermen, given what we see in the ocean and what we’re told isn’t there by our government officials.” Read the rest here 03:36

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  1. alaskagal says:

    Every time I read about the stupidity of those New England regulators I feel steam coming out of my ears. I’m assuming this has to be a set up and they choose not to have the test fisheries take place anywhere new the cod grounds. WTF over.

    • Joel Hovanesian says:

      You are right AG. This is nothing less than a hostile takeover of an industry and the peoples resources. All to make way for ocean industrialization.
      Outcome based science is now running the show. It’s the old golden rule. Those with the most gold……..rule.

      • StripedBassHole says:

        T.O.O.P. is more then something Ted Danson wears on top of his HEAD “THE OBAMA OCEAN POLICY” is an EXECUTIVE ORDER, ONE MAN’S DECISION after the failure of H.R. 3534 “THE CLEAR ACT” which failed to make it through CONGRESS. CONGRESS represents the GENERAL POPULATION. The use of an EXECUTIVE ORDER is for all tense and purposes a DICTATOR’S ORDER. AMERICA is still a DEMOCRACY not a SOCIALIST’S SOCIETY. This maneuver has taken a GIANT PORTION of all AMERICANS COMMON PROPERTY to GRID it off and LEASE those GRIDS to PRIVATE ENTERPRISE. The GRIDS include the WATER the RESOURCES below it and the AIR SPACE above. The POLICY is misleading by calling it an OCEAN POLICY because it includes INLAND WATERS. LAKES, RIVERS, WATER SHED and other sources of WATER. This will put these Areas in JEPOARDY of the likes of the B.P. OIL SPILL in THE GULF of MEXICO. All AMERICANS must WAKE UP and SMELL the COFFEE while you still have the WATER to make it. The NATURAL RESOURCES are of GREAT VALUE, but putting WATER the most important RESOURCE to all CREATURES at RISK is UNCONCEIBLE.
        If the “LAW OF the SEAS TREATY” (L.O.S.T.) is adopted we will lose OUR SOVEREIGNTY of these AREAS to the U.N.. AMERICA will be reduced by a SIGNIFICANT FRACTION should this happen. CALL, WRITE, Email, or VISIT your LOCAL SENATE or HOUSE REP. and demand this EXECUTIVE DECISION be ROLLED BACK and STOP the MADNESS, YOUR LIFE may depend on it. This is not a JOKE. We are talking about OUR COMMON PROPERTY and WATER. LIFE sustaining WATER!!!
        I might be harsh but for FUCKS SAKE, WAKE UP!!!

  2. StripedBassHole says:

    You can not catch an edible FISH with a COMPUTER. You can PRINT millions of PICTURES but they’ll provide little PROTIEN. You can not argue or make your point with a COMPUTER because they can only accomplish what they are PROGRAMED to do. ALGORITHIMS are at best a GUESS based on the DATA they are supplied. How many PROGRAMMERS have actually gone out on their own and Commercially Fished, i.e. if they can find their way out of the Harbor. The survey conducted certainly contradicts any Computer Modeling and the ability of the NOAA Survey Vessels to seek out and find FISH as a true Commercial Fisherman can. Great job with the co-operative Survey. Seeing is believing…

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