The Controversy over Marine Protected Areas: Science meets Policy

This book is a critical analysis of the concept of marine protected areas (MPAs) particularly as a tool for marine resource management. It explains the reasons for the extraordinary rise of MPAs to the top of the political agenda for marine policy, and evaluates the scientific credentials for the unprecedented popularity of this management option. The book reveals the role played by two policy networks – epistemic community and advocacy coalition – in promoting the notion of MPA, showing how advocacy for marine reserves by some scientists based on limited evidence of fisheries benefits has led to a blurring of the boundary between science and politics. Abstract here A few chapters here 08:34

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  1. StripedBassHole says:

    If you recall the realities of the Book “Ocean of Abundance”. i.e. the Cast of Writers and the infamous “SEA OF JELLYFISH STATEMENT”. Which Dr. Worm recanted saying it was a STRETCH. Not to mention when we have a good ACORN Season Squirrels and other Creatures become more ABUNDANT. Given this FACT you could create a PARALLEL for Ocean Sunfish that feed with abandon on the little and BIG OCEAN JELLO SHOTS. In this CONTEXTS you could say “OCEAN OF ABUNDANCE” is a piece of FICTION, i.e. to put it nicely…

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