Steveston Harbour Authority floats its mojo with new fish sales dock

A new, expanded public fish sales dock in Steveston is set to open within the next month, restoring a balance between the village’s historic, industrial roots and present-day forces of gentrification.  “Steveston was built on fishing and it’s been a fishing town for so many years; the (dock) is quite a focal point for the harbour; it’s industry interacting with the public; it’s an experience for locals and people from all over the Lower Mainland ­— all over the world actually. So, it’s a unique showpiece,” said Bob Baziuk, general manager of Steveston Harbour Authority (SHA). The new concrete dock is a 25 per cent expansion of the old wooden one, which fell into disrepair since its 1989 opening. In May 2015, the federal government provided $14 million for harbour upgrades. Along with the new public fish sales dock, the harbour also replaced two other nearby docks, built a new fish auction wharf and dredged Steveston Channel. continue reading the story here 16:08

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