Pine Island: New shrimp farm owner addresses concerns

“Thank you for inviting me here tonight,” Pearl said. “My farm is located about one mile south of here. We started planning about 4 or 5 months before we broke ground last August. Over the last year and a half we’ve built the largest indoor shrimp farm in the United States and probably in the world. More info here  Read the rest here 09:52

3 Responses to Pine Island: New shrimp farm owner addresses concerns

  1. DickyG says:

    Doesn’t the Gulf of Mexico have a “wild caught” Shrimp industry—in spite of BP’s efforts?

    • borehead says:

      They do, Dicky, and its good.
      The thing that attracted me to this article is the fact that it’s a fully enclosed system, versus the typical aquaculture pushed by NOAA, and other farmed fish people, out in the oceans or in tidal area’s.
      It shows that these segregated from the wild systems , is doable, and responsible to the environment.
      From the Peanut Gallery,BH

      • DickyG says:

        But why? When there’s a Shrimp industry already there and struggling from oil spills and imported garbage, this will only add to the “wild caught” industry’s demise. And I would question the claim that these “mariculture” Shrimp are not susceptible to disease and therefore won’t need any medication.
        Big Biz’s attraction to fish farming is that it corrals the aquatic animal’s entire natural process from reproduction to harvest profits—all “owned” by one corporate entity. The fishermen and the support businesses are obsolete or undersold and out of work.

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